Team Performance

Once you’ve hired accurately and began effective mentoring, continue moving upward! Build high-performance teams and keep your finger on the pulse of each team in your organization with TeamScan®.

TeamScan provides high-impact, real-time information on the group dynamics of people in an entire organization or within a specific team, department or division. Through comparisons of individuals' ProScan® data, TeamScan provides graphic composites of:

  • Strengths
  • Stressors
  • Satisfaction and energy levels
  • Points-of-view
  • Communication
  • Work styles

It helps reveal productivity and success components of particular teams and helps define corporate culture in concrete terms through statistical data.

TeamScan is designed with two specific applications for both core teams and the entire organization:

Organizational Statistics (OrgStats) produces composite visuals, depicting the predominant corporate culture of an entire organization. OrgStats is a highly effective tool for helping an organization accurately analyze and understand:

  • Effects of specific management styles
  • Impacts of conflict and miscommunication
  • Dimensions of culture differences in merger/acquisition alignment
  • Strategies for managing succession process

RealTeam generates detailed graphics of a tightly focused performance unit—a “real team.” These tools are especially productive for team development and enhancement processes, illustrating and clarifying:

  • Distribution of individual strengths and talents
  • Dynamics of interaction and communication
  • Relationship of energy and satisfaction levels with performance
  • Comparison of work styles

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