What Is PDP Mentoring?
PDP provides a proven system to invest in a company’s most valuable asset—its people. Our Mentoring process identifies the manager’s and employees’ strengths, stressors and satisfaction levels by using the ProScan® Survey, a tool that measures behavior traits.

The Mentoring process develops effective communication between a manager and employee. It also creates an action plan for both manager and employee to increase overall success for the employee and organization. It improves results and increases an employee’s:

  • Communication
  • Performance
  • Motivation
  • Satisfaction
  • Retention

Why Is PDP Mentoring Important?

Self Discovery
ProScan provides employees with data to understand their personal strengths quickly and accurately through straightforward, jargon-free reporting.

Identifies Pressures That Cause Stress
Stress reduces productivity, creates job dissatisfaction and leads to frustration for employees. ProScan provides indicators so employees can identify the sources of stress. With that understanding, stress factors can be minimized, making life more fulfilling in work and non-work activities.

Increases Productivity, Defines Motivators, Avoids Demotivators
Productivity, motivation and satisfaction are enhanced when employees participate in our Mentoring process. It opens the door for enthusiasm to complete tasks and pride in reaching results.

A soldier from Fort Lewis reviews his ProScan report during a Mentoring session.

How Does PDP Mentoring Work for You?
Through a series of seven steps, our Mentoring process enables you to:

  1. Create more open communication channels between you and your employees as you review their ProScan report.
  2. Meet the objectives of the organization by identifying employees' performance requirements.
  3. Truly listen to your employees through orchestrated questions.
  4. Learn how to communicate with all employees based on their individual communication style and their basic natural traits.
  5. Develop action plans with your employees based on their responses during the session so the employee can succeed and reach organizational objectives.
  6. Create a short ongoing mentoring time commitment between you and each employee to ensure goals set during the initial mentoring time are reached, motivation is high and stress is reduced as measured by the ProScan Survey.
  7. Accomplish designated results for your organization when you utilize the PDP Mentoring process.

Become a certified PDP Mentor, or hire us to facilitate the mentoring process for your business.
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