Accurate Hiring

As a hiring manager, protecting your organization’s assets is important to you. You want to know you’re hiring the right people to save time and money. That’s where our team comes in…

Choosing the Right Person with JobScan®
Prior to the interviewing process, we can help you identify who will be the best fit for the job. With correlated data from ProScan we use the tool, JobScan, which defines a position in terms of the behavioral dynamics most likely to succeed in the job. It is your solution for successfully fitting people into positions that will make them thrive.

JobScan also identifies ideal behavior traits and styles needed for a specific position and compares them to each applicant’s traits and styles. It helps you, the manager, match people to positions while increasing hiring success, job satisfaction and decreasing turnover.

JobScan's 3 Reports
Job Model Reports clearly spell out exactly what behavior traits and styles are needed to be successful in a position through:

  • Job Dynamics Analysis
  • Job Model Data Sheet
  • Job Model Trait Intensity Chart

Screening Reports give you data on the model, the candidate, how the candidate matches the position and behavioral interviewing questions. These questions are based on the match or mismatch of the applicant to the success model for the position through:

  • Applicant Ranking
  • Job Matching Trait Intensity Chart
  • Job Matching Chart
  • Interviewing Guide

Applicant Reports provide valuable data on the candidates’ behavior traits, stressors, satisfaction and styles with the:

  • Applicant Data Sheet
  • Applicant Trait Intensity Chart
  • Composite of Applicant Data Sheets

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