“Thanks Nancy! I really appreciate what you've done for our team and company. Your time with us will pay dividends as we pursue our vision in creating inspiring leadership, quality associates and innovation."
-Steve M., Executive VP Associate Services, Food Services of America

“I have used PDP for assistance in evaluating job candidates since 2003 and I highly recommend using it. The process is simple and quick for applicants, and hiring managers. The PDP hiring process makes sure that the candidate is the right fit for the job and for the team."
-Lon M., Owner, Apprentice Personnel

“When interviewing people, you don’t really know what their behavior is going to be when they are under stress and in a team situation. That’s what you learn from PDP. It tells us what we can expect from them and then be more effective in our supervision and management of staff. PDP takes away the hidden areas for us. I swear by it and so does my staff. We find it a very good tool to assist us in making good decisions.” -Merv B., former CEO, YMCA

"We have been using PDP since 2002 and find it to be a very effective tool. We use PDP to profile prospective candidates for all positions in our company. Through the years we have hired folks that did not fit the profile. Those hires invariably have not performed to the standards of the job. Therefore, we have learned to trust the profile results."
-Kay H., Director of Training & Development, Hyde Park Jewelers

“After becoming a certified PDP Administrator, I used the ProScan Survey to mentor every employee and conducted sessions for promoting honesty, openness to suggestions and resolution of personality conflicts. The employees learned where they could improve so that when the time came to complete performance appraisals, there were no surprises and everyone was on the same page. The whole process was a win-win for everyone!"
-Robin R., President, Pikes Peak National Bank

"The accuracy of the PDP comprehensive reports was definitely the topic of conversation throughout the day after our team building session. We are now more acutely aware of each other’s style. We will keep this process in mind when we are presented with a seller/buyer that would benefit from your services."  -Ronald C., President, First Business Brokers, LTD